Nick Riddel

Youth Pastor

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KBC Youth (Freshman, Sophomore, Varsity)
MAD Life (Tuesday 4-5:30)
Schools Programs
KBC Youth Creative (once a month)
Skate UP Outreach


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P 07 3378 3595

“I love seeing people encountering Jesus for who He is and having their lives changed for the better.”

Here are some quick things to know about me…

  •  I love seeing people’s lives change when they meet Jesus.
  •  I am passionate about worship.
  •  I love my wife Paula and our fur-baby Koda.
  •  And I’m a really good rollerblader (haters gonna hate…).

I was convinced for most of my life I was going to be a sports physio. I started studying it and was set on that path… that was until God entered the picture.

I always felt there was a huge gap between church and culture, so God stirred up a passion in me to see church represented in a relevant and real way. He gradually grew this desire to see the next generation discover who Jesus really is, and watch them rise up to passionately love God, love others, love themselves, and seek to change their world.

To be honest, I really had a wrestle with God about what that ‘looked’ like. I felt called to do ministry, but I had so many questions about what that meant for my life. I finally reached a point where I had no more excuses – I couldn’t argue with this life-changing God I had seen, and I knew I had to take the leap of faith into fulltime ministry.  So I did.

I’m also passionate about worshipping God with my whole life, and encouraging others to do the same. I love engaging people in worship, particularly corporate worship, and seeing them respond. Lives and circumstances change when people worship together! One of the times I saw this was while worship leading at a youth conference in Honduras in 2014 – God really moved and I loved being part of it.